Roller Bottle Buy Guide

Roller Bottle Buy Guide

High quality roller bottles for essential oils are available many different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common oil roller bottles are 10 mL solid coloration glass with a stainless metal rollerball.

Typically these are crammed with essential oil blends and fractionated coconut oil (or different provider oils) to be utilized topically to your skin. The roller ball housing (the tip) can be taken out so that you could refill the bottle.

Using glass roll on bottles with your essential oils is the second hottest way, right behind diffusing.

Roller balls for essential oils come in three primary types:

Stainless Steel
While all of them carry out the same function, applying the essential oils to your skin, they'll every have completely different levels of quality.

Plastic roller balls are the most cost effective of the options and the lowest quality. At Woop, we really feel the value financial savings is so minimal with this type that we do not even offer them as options.

Complaints on these roller balls is high because of inconsistent application (and leaking).

Glass roller balls fall within the middle when it comes to price and likewise quality. We recommend, at minimum, going with glass for your roller balls.

We really feel the same concerning the glass rollers as we do concerning the plastic and the minimal price financial savings for these rollerballs will not be significant sufficient to warrant going this route.

Stainless steel roller balls are on the prime of the list. These hold up well over time and maintain constant quality for continued applications.

The fee is not significantly higher than glass or plastic, yet the quality is far better. For this reason, we always recommend going with the stainless metal roller ball on your bottles.

The rollerball housing firment is what the actual rollerball sits in after which is inserted into the neck of the bottle.

When you pop the ball out of the housing fitment, the image above is the view looking down at it.

The tightness of the fit between the housing and the rollerball will be sure that there are not any leaks, while providing sufficient room to permit the rollerball to glide smoothly guaranteeing a constant application.

The outlet in the bottom of the housing fitment is what permits the oil to pass from the bottle to the rollerball. The size of the opening is what's going to decide a higher movement or a lower flow.

When purchasing your roller bottle, there is no such thing as a real good way to inform one housing from the following, but this is the part that's most critical.

Basic leaks and points with roller bottles will stem from poor manufacturing of the rollerball housing.

A low movement rollerball housing will distribute a lower amount of oil throughout an application. Many think the rollerball is not working because of the small quantity that is distributed. Most likely, you just have a lower circulate rollerball.

A high circulate rollerball housing will distribute a higher quantity of oil throughout an application and is what most individuals are acquainted with.

The shape of the bottle might be frequent regardless of what dimension the bottle is. You'll find a cylinder formed bottle in nearly every instance.

The place the variations will likely be discovered is within the aesthetic look of the bottle. It would be best to be sure that your bottle has the colours utilized within the manufacturing stage and is definitely colored glass.

The most typical types of glass roller bottles are:

Matte glass roller bottles may have a frosted appearance to them. While these are very good looking bottles, one thing to keep in mind is that it might be difficult to accurately inform the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle.
Gradient glass roller bottles could have a merging of two like colours together (ombre). These are very attractive bottles and still can help you see the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle.
Stable glass roller bottles are the most typical (with amber glass being the preferred and customary). They are just a single shade, like blue glass. For this reason they are probably the most economical choice.
Many glass bottles out there are painted fairly than colored glass. While this can look ok at the outset, over time they may fade and rub off leaving your lovely glass look like it was discovered at a rummage sale.