Factors Of The Quality Of Hook And Loop Tape

Factors Of The Quality Of Hook And Loop Tape

Nowadays, the hook and loop tape commonly utilized in life is affordable and has a great effect. Because of these factors, the worth and quality of the hook and loop tape have grow to be probably the most concerned issue. For some industries that use hook and loop tape, because the quantity of hook and loop tape purchased each time is relatively massive, the wonderful hook and loop tape can not only effectively improve their production effectivity, but additionally reduce quite a lot of costs of enterprises because of its longer service life. What factors will affect the quality of hook and loop tape?

Raw materials for making hook and loop tape. Hook and loop tape is made up of certain types of yarns, and completely different yarns are made up of various fibers.

Fiber is a kind of fabric with very fine diameter, normally a number of microns to tens of microns, and its length is many occasions bigger than that of fineness, and has certain flexibility. There are lots of kinds of fibers in nature, however not all fibers can be used for spinning and weaving. Only the fiber that can be utilized to produce hook and loop tape will be called hook and loop tape fiber.

As a hook and loop tape fiber, it ought to have the next properties:

(1) Good physical and mechanical properties, hook and loop tape fiber should be processed earlier than it can be used for weaving. Whether or not in the process of hook and loop tape processing, or within the process of stitching and wearing, they need to bear a variety of external forces, corresponding to stretching, torsion, bending, friction and repeated exterior forces, so that the hook and loop tape will produce corresponding deformation.

(2) With certain fineness and length, the fineness and size of fiber should meet the necessities of hook and loop tape processing technology. Within the production process of hook and loop tape, the fibers usually need to be twisted together before they are often spun into yarn.

(3) Hygroscopicity and air permeability, moisture absorption and air permeability are the essential sanitary properties of hook and loop tape fiber. Good hygroscopicity will help to absorb sweat and grease of human body, and make the fabric may be dyed and printed. Air permeability makes clothing comfortable and cool.

(four) Chemical stability: the hook and loop tape fiber must have sure chemical stability for light, heat, acid and alkali solutions. Only in this way can the service lifetime of the fiber not be reduced and damaged under the motion of the above substances.

(5) Usually, hook and loop tape must be dyed and dyed with various colors or patterns to achieve its remaining purpose. Due to this fact, the hook and loop tape fiber ought to have sure dyeing properties.