SAN Tritor


General Features

  • Tough, durable and very abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to oil, petrol, and fuel
  • Resistance to UV and ozone
  • Resistance to both contact and radiant heat
  • Resistant to alkalies, acids, and liquid chemical
  • Very low friction loss and low elongation
  • Excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
  • Maintenance free, no cleaning and drying required
  • Suitable for use with C.A.F.S and foam solutions
  • Meet BS 6391 Type 3, DIN 14811, NFPA 1961 standard
  • Standard color : Bright red (RAL-3000)
  • Service temperature :-40°c up to +100°c

Textile Reinforcement

  • Warp : high tenacity polyester
  • Weft : polyamide; circular woven
  • The special weaving design offers a superior adhesion level and flow performance compared to an all polyester weave
  • Totally embedded in the rubber compound excellent protected against mechanical damage

Textile Reinforcement

  • Special high grade formulated NBR / PVC compound extruded “through the weave” in a unique one step production process
  • Special additives in the compound guarantee superior UV and ageing resistance
  • Inside : very smooth for minimum friction loss
  • Outside : ribbed for good abrasion resistance and protection against contact heat


FIRE HOSE TYPE SAN Fortte 1,5" SAN Fortte 2,5"
Working pressure 20 bar 20 bar
Service test pressure 22 bar 22 bar
Kink test pressure 38 bar 34 bar
Proof test pressure 46 bar 44 bar
Brusting pressure minimal 80 bar 66 bar